ConsimWorld Expo 2005

This was my first trip to Tempe, Arizona for John Kranz's magnum opus, the ConsimWorld Expo… oh yeah, featuring MonsterGame.CON 5.0!

Below are some pictures; enjoy…

Summer Storm
We played the Ops game first which allowed for variable entry times and hexes. Since we didn't want to waste any time, we both made mad dash for Gettysburg. Thus, the battle ensued on June 30th.
The table
Bill Cooper, played the Rebs against my Federal troops
Buford's boys fall back from their first delaying action
Confederates win the race to Cemetary and Culp's Hills
First Corps arrives on the field
Robinson's division draws first blood against Harry Heth
By July 1, Longstreet drives at the Union left
First and Third Corps contract their salient south of town
Gregg's harassing cavalry keeps Ewell off balance to the east

Main Gaming Room
The main gaming room in all its glory
Another view, with the information table to the left
John Teixeira and Kerry Anderson set up Objective Moscow
The massive Great Campaigns of the American Civil War map
John Kisner and crew with the super-sized Jena!
Paul Rohrbaugh and Alan Snider
Dirk Heinz and Shelly Crawford set up Operation Crusader
Kerry Anderson and group enjoy a pickup game of Russian Civil War
Hjalmar Gerber takes command
Todd Davis shoots the breeze with Don Johnson
The Down in Flames mega scorebaord
Mike Lam hosted the Down in Flames tourney, where Jack Beckman was a regular
Wray Ferrell's fun Sword of Rome

Main Room Walk-Through
A large (16Mb) AVI file, moving through the room; not for those prone to motion-sickness!



Never Been There Before
Okay, so Phoenix is hot. But without the humidity of Florida, it's actually very pleasant. Spent one evening catching up with some old friends from Illinois. Great time and great kids. Course they don't have a lawn, it's all rocks. But then again, sure makes landscaping a snap!




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