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Back in 1998 I had volunteered to playtest Kerry Anderson's wargame The Battle of Armageddon that he was planning to publish through the Microgame Design Group (then known as the Micrgame Co-op). After thoroughly enjoying the game in its playtest stage, I was inspired to try my hand at designing a cover for the game. Kerry liked what I had come up with and decided to go with it.

Since then I've had the opportunity to design ten more covers through the MDG for talented designers such as Bruce Costello, Paul Rohrbaugh, Hjalmar Gerber, Bruce McFarlane, and Brian Train. I also designed the logo for the MDG.

Here's two other rough concepts that were not used:

Additionally, I've done two covers for designer Perry Moore. Although Perry doesn't use the covers with the games themselves, he uses them in advertising and promoting the games. Incidentally, his game Army Group North was eventually picked up by Critical Hit and published as Drive to the Baltic. As a side note, The SS Abyss is my own favorite of all my cover designs.

Lastly, but far from leastly, I had the good fortune to work with Jon Iwamasa and Kurt Kuhlmann of Warhorse Simulations on the cover for their release of Empire.


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I'm a Mac guy and am currently using a 1GHz dual processor G4 with an 80Gb hard drive, running MacOS 10.2.

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