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THE SS ABYSS Now Available
Blue Guidon Games has published a new edition of Perry Moore's The SS Abyss, covering the German offensives in Hungary in 1945. This is a "DTPro" release: in a box, with die-cut counters! Temporarily OUT OF STOCK.

Upcoming Feature for Against the Odds Magazine
This Summer this fantastic publication will be publishing their first Annual. As part of the special content there will be an "Artist's Roundtable" that will feature several different graphic designers who will give their own rendition of the same game design! I've had the privilege to be one of the participants, and you won't want to miss this unique project!

ConsimWorld Expo 2005
June 8-12, I had the opportunity to attend the premiere gaming convention event. Check out some pictures from the main gaming room plus my game of Summer Storm.

THUNDER ON SOUTH MOUNTAIN – Winner of the 2003 Charles S. Roberts Award for Best DTP Produced Boardgame
On August 8th, the 2003 Charles S. Roberts Award Winners were presented by host Walter Garman at the 2004 World Boardgaming Championships in Baltimore, MD. Blue Guidon's THUNDER ON SOUTH MOUNTAIN garnered the award for Best DTP Produced Boardgame. Visit the official CSR Awards website to see winners past and present.

New Maps for Omega Games' ROCKETS RED GLARE
I will be creating the new gamemap for Omega's reprint of the Simulations Canada game Rockets Red Glare covering the War of 1812.

Other News

Discussions of Individual Games
I've created discussion folders for each Blue Guidon Game over on the ConsimWorld Discussion Board. Log in and chime in with your thoughts!

No, This Ain't a Company
Just one guy having fun with a hobby that I've been in for most of my life. I also do artwork for others such as the Microgame Design Group, Perry Moore, and Warhorse Simulations.

Where Can I Buy Games and Toy Soldiers?
Some recommended sites include: Boulder Games, Funagain Games, Cool Stuff Unlimited, Bunker Hill Games, and Schutze Games. If you're into plastic toy soldiers, be sure to visit The Toy Soldier Company.


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EMAIL the BGG Staff
We've discontinued our email address. To talk with Blue Guidon Games, use the link above that will take you to the ConsimWorld site.

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