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Fall 2005 - Oct. 27
Well, the White Sox have done it. The southsiders have stuck the Cubs with the dagger of victory while sweeping the Astros in the Fall Classic. For decades we've always had the fans of the pair of Sox, both red and white, to commiserate with about being long-time losers. For Boston fans, it took 86 years to break the curse of the Bambino. For the Pale Hose, it took 88 years to dispel the ghosts of the Black Sox scandal.

But now there's no one to cry with. When the first pitch is thrown out next Spring, a season will begin that is 98 years removed from the last time the Chicago Cubs won the world series.

So how do we go on? What keeps us going? It can only be a strong heart...

The heart of a Cubs fan pounds with blood that's Cubby Blue. C-positive. Cause there's always next year. It beats for the legends who never had the chance to play for a ring - Banks, Santo, Jenkins, Sandberg, Sutcliffe. It races like Monday rescuing the American flag. Like Sammy and Big Mac racing for home run immortality. The heart of a Cubs fan throbs like Buckner's ankles. Like Dawson's knees. It beats for blue skies and green grass, spilled beer and view-obstructing girders. It races along the warning track to the rhythm of brick and ivy. It's arteries are Clark, Waveland, Addison, and Sheffield. The heart of a Cubs fan thumps into the mitts of Hundley, Davis, and Girardi as Pappas is one pitch shy of perfection and Kerry Wood fans 20. It skips a beat like Sammy's home run hop. It pulses 162 times a year under the sun and under the lights. Like Ryno's bare-hand throws to Grace's bare-hand swings. Like Sutter's splitter and Lee Smith's heat. It throbs faster in the presence of a Redbird. The heart of a Cubs fan pounds with Durocher's passion, thumps with Frey's confidence, and leaps with Zim's smile. Like Tinker to Evers to we'll take our chances this year, it beats with a passion for the game. It aches, it breaks, it forgives, it loves. Like Jack, Harry, Hey Hey, and Holy Cow. The heart of a Cubs fan is the heart of the game of baseball.

Take care of your heart.



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