The SS Abyss

The SS Abyss is an operational simulation of two of the last major German offensives of World War II conducted in Hungary, 1945. The first, Konrad 3, occurred from January 18-26. It was the final attempt to relieve the encircled SS units at Budapest. The second, Spring Awakening, occurred in the exact same area from March 6-18. This last major offensive consumed the remains of the SS striking power of the 6th SS Panzer Army, rebuilt from the ruins of the Ardennes offensive. Ironically, Konrad 3 had gained more using weaker forces, primarily due to the defenses the Russians had created for Spring Awakening. While Konrad 3 had a real purpose, Spring Awakening was called a waste by the commander of the 6th SS Panzer Army. It was the “Hungarian Kursk.” Designed by Perry Moore.

The game is a "DTPro" release:
• Gamebox with full-color cover
• 22x17 color map on two 11x17 sheets
• 280 die-cut double-sided counters
• Two identical player aid cards
• A 12-page rulebook

Available for $35.00. Click here to order. Temporarily OUT OF STOCK.

Click here for an image of the entire map.

Sample Map Images





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